Software License Agreement

By using the software (hegin refereed to as "the software") provided by Billic Limited to you, the licensee (herein refereed to as "You") agrees to be bound by the following terms.

  1. Restrictions

    You shall not modify, copy, duplicate, reproduce, license, sublicense, transfer, convey any software created by or obtained from Billic Limited without the prior written consent of Billic Limited.

  2. Fee

    The use of software obtained from Billic Limited is subject to a license fee. To obtain support and updates you must have an active subscription from Billic Limited. The use of counterfeit software in conjunction with the software is strictly prohibited.

  3. Payment

    You agree to pay Billic Limited within 48 hours for any due fees for rendered services or licenses. Failure to clear payment will result in the suspension of related licenses or services in your account.

  4. Warranty

    The software obtained from Billic Limited is provided as-is, with a best effort policy to fix any problems that may arise due to our support or updates. If an issue arises that was not caused by Billic Limited a charge may be applicable to fix the issue for you.

  5. Limitation of Liability

    Billic Limited shall not be responsible for, and shall not pay, any amount of incidental, consequential or other indirect damages, whether based on lost revenue or otherwise, regardless of whether Billic Limited was advised of the possibility of such losses in advance. In no event shall Billic Limited's liability hereunder exceed the amount of license fees paid by Licensee, regardless of whether Licensee's claim is based on contract, tort, strict liability, product liability or otherwise.

  6. Law Compliance

    You agree to use the software for legal uses only. Billic Limited shall not be held responsible for any website using the software for unlawful purposes.

  7. Software obtained from the Module Marketplace

    Any software obtained through the Marketplace not created by Billic Limited is not bound by this agreement. The author of the software may have their own license agreement which you may be required to agree to.

  8. Final Agreement

    This Agreement terminates and supersedes all prior understandings or agreements on the subject matter hereof. This Agreement may be modified by Billic Limited at any time, with or without notice.

  9. Severability

    If any term of this Agreement is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, then this Agreement, including all of the remaining terms, will remain in full force and effect as if such invalid or unenforceable term had never been included.

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